Be Irresistible What Men Secretly Want James Bauer | PDF Review

what men secretly want review book pdfBe Irresistible What Men Secretly Want James Bauer | PDF Review

What Men Secretly Want – One of the methods used by men to approach an attractive woman who likes is to provide a sense of comfort. It is not wrong, women are in need of a sense of comfort and is an important factor before they decided to be in touch with him. The problem many men who do not understand this concept and doing things the wrong way and the result never get the woman.

The most frequently done is to become ‘best-friend’. Many men begin their approach to fill the position as best-friend for women.  Listening to the laments of the woman with the patient and provide sage advice and hope in the hearts of the woman will be aware of your maturity and interested in you. And of course you also told of the problems and all your complaints at the woman, hoping the woman will see the purity of your heart is fragile and sympathetic to you.

It is not entirely wrong, of course everyone wants a partner who can be best-friend in his life. It’s just that there are certain patterns that you should know before you get to that stage.

You think he’s comfortable and can open up to you, it means he is interested in you? VERY WRONG! When was the last time best-friend relationship with a woman continues manjadi you more than just a best-friend? Or have you ever seen your friend the best-friend’s with women and further invented?

I am sure very few.

What often happens instead the woman comfortable vent with you (even frequent confidante contents of another man) but end up going with another man. Though clearly the woman is much more comfortable talking and open your heart to be compared with him (please see: be irresistible what men secretly want !! **). And clearly you better understand the woman outside in rather than the man’s. And you just miss the sap alone, the woman will come back to you when he is no problem with men and asking for reassurance from you.

Never experienced it? Or are experiencing? You are not alone. I also never experienced before .. and not just once or twice, but quite a lot! And I also repeatedly saw the same thing happened on my friends. Sentences “special thanks ..”, “you’re the kindest person I’ve ever met ..” and “you’re my best friend ..” I received so often, but that’s all.

No more.

I often think, if women are so comfortable talking heart to heart with me, why they are not interested in further touch with me? I’ve already provides all the comfort they need.

In which one of me?

The answer hit me when a similar incident happened to a close friend of mine, named Jon. He likes a beautiful woman and a very interesting called Cyn. And Jon have staged approach for months. Cyn felt comfortable with him. Only to Jon just Cyn could tell all the problems, worries and fears. Cyn ever tell you about the state of his parents were on the verge of divorce, crying to Jon and Jon said that the only one who knows about it.

Jon Cyn believing more than he believes his closest friends, because she knows Jon will not let him down. For him, nothing will be done Jon. Cyn felt very comfortable around Jon.

Everyone who knows their relationship certainly say that Cyn also interested in Jon and Jon just stayed declare any feelings and they would live happily ever after.

But we all know life is not a fairy tale.

After Jon expressed his sincere feelings to Cyn, he had heard the sweetest rejection and touched in his life as well as the most painful …

With tears, Cyn explained that he was not interested romantically to Jon. He said that Jon was the best friend he ever had and that he did not want to miss Jon. Cyn repeatedly apologized because he did not want to hurt Jon and explained that the actual moment that she was attracted to a man who not long ago known —> What Men Secretly Want .

As she continued to cry Cyn repeating this phrase, “Why I can not like the same guy as good as you? Why do I always like the same wrong man? Why?”

Jon could do when it was just trying to calm Cyn, saying that it’s okay, that he’s okay. *** What Men Secretly want Book Review Scam

And it hit me HARD! What has been the question I answered.


It is two totally different feeling and do not have a causal relationship! Because it is absolutely wrong when you sell the convenience to make women attracted to you.

Just because women feel comfortable with you NOT mean he is interested in you, otherwise when women are attracted to men does NOT mean she immediately felt comfortable with him. Look at your position, when you are along with the woman you love if you feel comfortable? If you feel comfortable, why do you always get nervous and think hard to make a good impression to him and not be yourself what?

In his heart of hearts, Cyn realize that if there is a decent man and he loved it right for him is Jon. But he also could not lie to him, he does NOT INTERESTED in Jon! He was attracted to men artisan drinking and clubbing hooked known recently, and not on Jon.

Women are extraordinary creatures! That’s why we love them, right guys? =)

I told him about Jon purpose is NOT that you sympathize with him and blame Cyn as unfeeling woman. ABSOLUTELY NOT! My goal is that you can learn from the experience and if you’ve experienced something almost like, now you know where you are wrong.

Promise not to repeat it again.

As I said at the beginning of this article, there is absolutely no wrong to a best-friend for women. It can be a friend to others in joy and sorrow is one of the sweetest and the best thing one can do *** read: what men secretly want review . However, DO NOT do it to attract the woman you love. At least, DO NOT do it before you make sure that he INTERESTED you.

Take a good look sequence, it IMPORTANT!

Make sure the first woman INTERESTED also on you, you CAN play the new ‘best-friend’ to him. But also with ADEQUATELY levels.

If the woman is already interested in you, then whatever you do will not change his feelings and a sense of comfort that you provide will only be made INCREASE interested in you. Anyway, if you already know that he is interested in you, for what else play ‘best-friend’ to him?

Better you go directly to step closer again, the stage that you dream all along.

But if he has NOT INTERESTED at all, DO occasionally play ‘best-friend’ with it or you will fall into the valley I-love-you-but-just-as-friend. And NEVER you confide in her about your problems, loneliness you and how you are so fragile, NO! NO! NO! This area is exclusively for girls and guys only lossy.

If you are a man who has the soul of a leader glossy, independent, and appealing personality then you will not be carelessly vent with every woman you meet.

Perhaps you now was thinking, “Okay I dah understand. But for example, he has not been interested in me, but suddenly there was a problem and need friends say how donk?”

If there is a case like this I would not advise you to resist and throw, but you are also not allowed to play ‘best-friend’ to him. All you can do is draw the line and show that you are not the same as all the ‘best-friend’ other mupeng to be his girlfriend.

You do this by asking, “You again need a friend to talk aja ato need advice about men?” If he replied, “just need a friend to talk ..” then avoid as much as possible. Reject as smooth as possible. Due to become ‘friends talk’ is a task companions women and men ‘best-friend’ lossy ngarep him.

DO NOT go to that area!

If he said, ‘take advice’ then here it is time you act. He said he needed advice, so give the best advice you have. Show that you are an adult male glossy, strong and principled different from other men, you are not afraid to advise him with hard if you did not think he needed it.

But of course by far the biggest question of course is: how do you make her interested in you? And how do you know he is interested in you or not?

Here’s a hint: a lot of experience with women and the right technique for the right moment.

To learn, you must follow MenSecretly Want to read What Bookyang will be held next month. I can not write here in the form of the article because this is a matter that is very dense and complex, full of concepts that you’ve never heard so far from anywhere.

Open the whole mystery of the relationship of men and women and teaches all techniques that can be immediately put into practice. Entirely aimed at one thing: to make you a man who wants every woman’s glossy and open your chances with women anywhere, anytime.

Be Irresistible What Men Secretly Want James Bauer | PDF Review